The Story


Meow Cleeva® began as a logo that evolved into a comic character for a book series and  animation shorts. 

During this process, her fashion-forward, Parisian style and joie de vivre was developed and captured in illustrations and whimsical story-boards.


The name, Meow Cleeva®, came from the original character's attributes. Her edgy cleavage and the curling smoke from the cigarillo, reminiscent of a whimsically drawn cat's tail.



The artist introduced the illustrations as limited edition prints at retail markets, art fairs and conventions.  Each print telling a piece of Meow Cleeva’s story.


With over a decade of work, rendered in fine-line pen and ink, and mixed-media, the art collection has become a brand of decorative art, and accessories that are functional and unique. 

In June of  2008, Meow Cleeva® the character was born and the rest became a puurfect story.