The Artist

Martha Colón is a New Jersey-based artist and character creator with a diverse repertoire in fine art illustration, clothing design, tailoring, and textile surface design.

She was born in Honduras, raised in the Bronx and studied at New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology.

​Early in Martha's career, she worked in the textile industry. Designing, coloring and styling textile patterns for the home furnishings and commercial markets. From there she embraced her  entrepreneurial dreams, deciding to pursue her love of fashion and art. Initially creating a romantically feminine styled line of lingerie, and a logo that evolved into a new business.

The lingerie collection was featured in trade magazines such as Intima France, Lucky, In Style New York, and New York magazine. During this time Martha collaborated with Pratt University and FIT as a fashion critic for the intimate apparel class and worked with Cirque Du Soleil® for Zumanity and Victoria's Secret.

Currently, Martha is developing Meow Cleeva®  a fictional comic strip character known for her whimsy, keen fashion sense, and kittenish femininity.

The character has also become the muse for the artist's large scale original paintings and fashion illustrations done in pen, ink acrylic, gouache, and mixed media.

Martha combines her skills and passions from home décor and fashion to beauty and art to create a collection of designs inspired from a diverse list of influences.

These include renaissance paintings and sculptural figuration, art from French Revolution, Tim Burton films, period costumes, Art Deco, Christian Dior and 1920's to 50's fashion.

When asked to describe her style, she simply states "different."

"My style is my style"